The terrain at the ranch is gently rolling with several open flats as well as lots of densely brushed areas. The majority of the ranch consists of live oak motts with cedar and shin oak cover. Mesquite is located in two isolated areas near the Dry Llano River creek bank.

Feeding Program

495x400-feederProtein feeders and spincast deer feeders are spread throughout the ranch along with turkey feeders. Animals are fed free choice protein and mineral throughout the year with intensity increasing during droughts, cold weather, and birthing seasons. Corn and alfalfa are fed periodically throughout the year to supplement the free choice protein, grass, and brush.

Skinning and Quartering

Field dressing, skinning, and quartering will be provided on site at the ranch by experienced guides.

Water tanks

bg-tankThere are three 25,000 gallon water tanks on the ranch spaced evenly through the ranch with several water troughs to provide endless fresh water for all animals.


Currently one lodge is located on the ranch. It is over 3,000 square feet with plenty of room for multiple guests. The lodge can sleep up to eight in air-conditioned/heated comfort. The lodge is currently undergoing renovations, and a discounted night stay is offered to all guests staying with us during the renovations. For more information, see the Lodging page.

Ranch vehicles and blinds

495x400-blindTransportation while on the ranch will be provided by the guide during the entire stay at the ranch. Over fifteen miles of trails and roads exist on the ranch and are used for access to blinds and hunting areas. Several four-wheel drive vehicles are available depending on the party size and time of the year. The best vehicle to ensure a great hunting experience will be utilized.