Frequently Asked Questions

Which hunting methods do you offer?

The Heart A Ranch is especially designed to accommodate multiple types of hunting. Methods of hunting include spot and stalk, blind/feeder hunts, and safari style. Depending on the type of hunt, the different methods are used in conjunction with each other to maximize results.

What types of hunting do you accommodate?

Muzzleloader, bow, crossbow, rifle hunting are available, but are not necessarily available for all animals.

How do I learn about any special animals you have?

Heart A Ranch is known for its gold-medal quality exotic animals, and we are constantly acquiring new exotics that you won’t necessarily see on the website. To learn about what is available at any given time, please contact us.

What kind of blinds do you offer?

There are currently seven blinds on the ranch at strategic locations. Most blinds are oversized at 5’x8’ to provide room for two or three hunters at one time with plenty of extra room. The blinds allow a father/mother, son/daughter, and guide to comfortably sit and enjoy a memorable experience. Blinds have 4 foot doors to allow easy access to wheelchairs and physically disabled hunters. Most have tinted windows, carpet, and adjustable rolling office chairs for an enjoyable hunting experience while at the Heart A Ranch. For those exceptionally cold hunts, small propane heaters are available.

Do you offer guides?

Heart A guides are intimately familiar with the property, roads, equipment, and ranch vehicles. The guides have scouted the ranch for several years to determine the best hunting spots for each animal type and season. Each one of the guides also has several decades of personal experience hunting in similar terrain and is experienced in all hunting methods. They can assist you with target practice and rifle sighting if needed.

Do you offer skinning and quartering services?

Field dressing, skinning, and quartering will be provided on site at the ranch by experienced guides. Your trophy will be safely and thoroughly cleaned for transportation upon leaving the Heart A. Heart A can arrange delivery to a taxidermist or meat processor of your choice for an additional charge.  Please let your guide know what type of taxidermy mount you have chose for your trophy prior to skinning and any special requirements from your taxidermist.  We  have a walk-in cooler available for use during your stay for the cape and meat.

What about trophy hunts?

All exotics will be considered trophy hunts, unless prior arrangements have been made with the guest for a meat hunt.

Do you offer spike hunts?

Whitetail spikes are available during the whitetail hunting season. This hunt is typically not sold separately without making prior arrangements with the owners.

Do you offer meat hunts?

Meat hunts typically include a doe or cow of a species and are provided in addition to a trophy hunt. Meat hunts are not typically sold separately without making prior arrangements with the owner.  Meat hunts are day hunts, and prices do not include meals and lodging.  If meals and lodging are requested for a meat hunt, an additional fee of $150 per day will apply.

Do you offer varmint hunts?

Varmint hunts are for hunting varmints at night and are offered in conjunction with any other hunting package, if requested for a nominal fee of $100 per night.  This hunt will not be sold separately and can only be added to trophy hunts with prior arrangements with the owner.

Are children allowed?

Kids are allowed with no extra fee, provided adult guardians supervise!

Do you have ATVs available?

Yes, we have multiple ATVs available at any given time, and we will use the vehicle that best suits your hunt.

What about lodging and meals?

All meals are provided by your cook. Learn more about accommodations on the Lodging page.

How many people can stay at the lodge?

The lodge is 3,000 square feet and has three large bedrooms to accommodate large groups. The lodge has a bathroom/shower, a kitchen, a game/living room that quickly converts to a fourth bedroom with a fold-out queen and and extra sleeping areas. The screened patio for viewing the landscape and animals as they visit the water troughs. Learn more about the lodge.

Still have questions?

If we haven’t answered your questions here, or if you are interested in learning more about the ranch or booking opportunities, please contact us.